Table 3 Cox proportional-hazards model in 366 patients with systemic sclerosis
Risk ratio (95% confidence)p Value
Sex1.13 (0.61–2.10)NS
Increased ESR3.00 (1.83–4.93)<0.001
Renal manifestation3.38 (1.87–6.10)<0.001
dcSSc2.37 (1.49–3.78)<0.001
Early malignancy3.20 (1.62–6.32)<0.001
Age at onset<0.01
  • Items influencing the survival by univariate analysis were included in the multivariate analysis. The final model includes the stepwise selection of the strongest independent prognostic factors and gender.

  • dcSSc, diffused cutaneous systemic sclerosis; ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate.