Table 1 Concentration of Toll-like receptor (TLR) ligands and cytokines used in experiments
Toll-like receptors:
TLR1/2Pam3CSK4.3HCL100 ng/ml
TLR3Poly(I:C) potassium salt100 μg/ml
TLR4LPS from Escherichia coli R5151 μg/ml
TLR5Flagellin (purified)100 ng/ml
TLR6/2MALP-2100 ng/ml
TLR7/8Poly (U) potassium salt10 μg/ml
TLR9CpG ODN 239510 μg/ml
IL1α0.02 ng/ml
OSM10 ng/ml
  • LPS, lipopolysachharide; MALP, macrophage-activating lipopeptide; ODN, oligodeoxynucleotide.