Table 2 Final step of multivariate regression models to identify independent predictors of radiographic progression
Regression model (1)Regression model (1) adjusted for baseline x-ray scoreRegression model (2) with anti-CCP as a continuous variable
BOR (95%CI)BOR (95%CI)BOR (95%CI)
Anti-CCP+1.384.00 (1.60–10.00)1.153.13 (1.17–8.38)
Female gender1.203.32 (1.34–7.57)1.153.15 (1.06–9.36)1.213.36 (1.20–9.40)
ESR >20 mm/h1.163.18 (1.19–7.57)1.343.11 (1.25–7.76)1.143.13 (1.31–7.47)
IgM RF+1.123.07 (1.18–7.94)1.002.70 (1.01–7.33)1.293.64 (1.44–9.18)
Baseline progression rate (SHS/year)0.221.25 (1.04–1.48)
Anti-CCP U/ml0.011.008 (1.003–1.012)
  • SHS, van der Heijde modified Sharp score; Baseline progression rate, SHS at baseline divided by disease duration (years) at baseline; Anti-CCP+, a positive test for antibodies to cyclic citrullinated peptide; IgM RF+, a positive immunoglobulin M rheumatoid factor test; ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate; IQR, Inter Quartile Range; B, beta; OR, odds ratio.