Table 1 Outcomes of treatment among patients with ML in primary angiitis of the central nervous system
GroupNo.Median follow-up, months (range)REMDiedPersistent diseaseResidual deficitsRECComments
    Excision624 (21–54)5000140113 also received immunosuppressive therapy (1 CYC, 1 CS+CYC, 1 CS+MMF), 1 patient lost to follow-up
    CS+CYC1018 (3–36)1000350023Relapses at a median interval of 12 months—1 patient brief CYC, other 2 with poor compliance
    CS alone924 (8–96)612312201Death due to neurological decline, patient also had lymphoma
    Excision59 (2–156)320102000Death shortly after surgery in both cases
    CS+CYC415 (6–144)2200110001 death due to pneumonia, not reported for other case
    CS alone412 (3–18)1120030001 patient subsequently underwent excision of ML
  • CS, corticosteroids; CYC, cyclophosphamide; ML, mass lesion. MMF, mycophenolate mofetil; NR, not reported; REC, recurrence (among the patients that entered remission); REM, remission.