Table 1 Clinical data on the patients at the time of biopsies, cohort 1: patients with recently diagnosed and with treatment-resistant myositis (marked with *)
PatientAgeSexBohan and Peter diagnostic criteriaBiopsy siteTreatment at time of biopsy, mg/day
153FProbable polymyositisMus vastus latNone
259FProbable polymyositisMus deltoideusPred 5, NSAID
376FDefinite polymyositisMus vastus latNone
444FDefinite polymyositisMus vastus latNone
565FDefinite dermatomyositisMus vastus latPred 15
672FDefinite polymyositisMus vastus latPred 15–40, AZA
760MProbable polymyositisMus vastus latNSAID
856MDefinite polymyositisMus vastus latNSAID
955MProbable dermatomyositisMus vastus latNone
10*67MDefinite dermatomyositisMus vastus latAZA, MTX, Cs
11*54FProbable polymyositisMus tib antAZA, MTX, Cs
12*61FDefinite polymyositisMus vastus latAZA, MTX, Cs
  • Ant, anterior; AZA, azathioprine; Cs, ciclosporine; F, female; lat, lateralis; M, male; Mus, musculus; MTX, methotrexate; NSAID, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs; tib, tibialis; Pred, prednisolone.