Table 1 Demographic and clinical features of 4468 subjects with culture-confirmed infection screened for new rheumatological symptoms, Minnesota and Oregon, 2002–2004
Feature*Campylobacter n = 2384Salmonella n = 1356Escherichia coli O157 n = 395Shigella n = 298Yersinia n = 35All pathogens n = 4468
Median age (years)352915213131
Adult age ⩾18747047546669
Child age <18263053463431
Female sex475652555150
Foreign travel1714227015
History of arthritis171413101715
Acute illness:
    Bloody stools40438453945
    Took antibiotic836141917773
        β Lactam2646114
    Emergency room visit303854352335
    Diarrhoea persistent at time of screening452334
Specimen source:†
  • * Except for age, numbers represent the percentage of total without missing values for each variable. Data were >94% complete for all variables. Age was recorded for all subjects. † Totals greater than 100% because 11 had more than one site with positive culture. ‡ Other known sources: abscess (n = 2), bile (n = 1), peritoneal fluid (n = 1), breast discharge (n = 1), palm swab (n = 1).