Table 2

 Summary of responders by the number of dose escalations for patients who received dose escalations according to the protocol*

Patients and respondersReceived dose escalation*Primary non-responders*‡Secondary non-responders* §
NA, not applicable.
*Patients who received dose escalations without meeting the criteria for lack of response or flare were not included.
†Responders were defined as patients who achieved at least 20% improvement in the number of tender and swollen joints from baseline at 8 weeks after the last dose escalation.
‡A primary non-responder was a patient who did not respond at week 22.
§A secondary non-responder was a patient who responded at week 22 but later flared.
Patients whose dose was escalated correctly1005347
Patients with one dose escalation592336
Responders, No (%)†51 (86.4)21 (91.3)30 (83.3)
Patients with two dose escalations21138
Responders, No (%)†17 (81.0)11 (84.6)6 (75.0)
Patients with three dose escalations13103
Responders, No (%)†12 (92.3)9 (90.0)3 (100.0)
Patients with four dose escalations770
Responders, No (%)†0 (0.0)0 (0.0)NA