Table 1

 Interobserver variability, and intraclass correlation coefficient as per modified Rodnan skin score (MRSS-51)

Interobserver variability
StudyNo of patientsNo of patients per investigatorNo of investigatorsMeanWithin-patient SDCoefficient of variation %Intraclass correlation coefficient
    Berlin, 2004158–1598.64.2500.865
    Budapest, 2005186–8918.17.5410.530
    Vienna, 2005119–11616.35.734.60.710
    Budapest, 20051829015.45.4350.378
Repeated investigations
    Pécs, 2005 Apr66915.78.5540.496
    Pécs, 2005 June775123.8320.722
Previous studies
    Harrison et al12121230.67
    Brennan et al91212618.34.6250.87
    Silman et al1088160.72
    Clements et al130.92
    Clements et al7205–62317.74.625
Intraobserver variability
No of patientsNo of patients per investigatorNo of investigatorsNo of investigationsOverall meanOverall within-patient SDCoefficient of variation %Mean of intraclass correlation coefficients for investigators
Comparison with previous investigations is also depicted.
*The number of investigators who previously participated in the Budapest course is in parentheses.
Pécs, 2005 April669 (3)*313.92.9200.74
Pécs, 2005 June775 (3)*312.32.520.40.76
Previous studies
    Clements et al755321320.72.4511.8