Table 3 Results of group×plate interaction before and after excluding knees with coverage <95% (patella was referent plate), adjusted for age, sex and body mass index
Difference in cartilage thickness of no OA plates compared with premorbid OA platesExcluding knees with coverage <95%
Point estimate (SE)p ValuePoint estimate (SE)p Value
Lateral tibia0.03 (0.04)0.360.03 (0.04)0.39
Medial tibia−0.04 (0.03)0.20−0.03 (0.03)0.27
Central lateral femur−0.04 (0.04)0.28−0.04 (0.04)0.33
Central medial femur0.00 (0.04)0.960.00 (0.04)0.94
Patella0.14 (0.06)0.030.08 (0.05)0.11
  • OA, osteoarthritis; SE, standard error.