Table 1 Description of no OA and premorbid OA sample
No OAPremorbid OA
Male (%)44.247.3
Mean age in years (SD)62.1 (8.3)66.7 (8.4)
Body mass index, mean (SD)27.7 (5.1)29.4 (6.2)
Knee pain on most days (in one or more knees) (%)21.457.4
History of knee injury* in the MRI knee (%)8.17.4
History of knee injury* in contralateral knee (%)9.338.9
  • MRI, magnetic resonance imaging; OA, osteoarthritis.

  • *Knee injury history was determined by a positive response to the question: Have you ever had an injury to your knee that required the use of a cane or crutches?