Table 3

 Correlations between the concentrations of microparticles binding the various complement components or complement activator molecules in synovial fluid and plasma of RA patients and plasma of healthy individuals

RA synovial fluidRA plasmaControl plasma
rp Valuerp Valuerp Value
Correlation analysis was performed using Pearson’s correlation test (r, correlation coefficient; p, two-tailed significance level, considered significant at p<0.05).
C1q pos MP vs C4 pos MP0.6600.05330.9080.00070.6320.0498
C1q pos MP vs C3 pos MP0.9610.00010.2050.59630.5420.1057
CRP pos MP vs C1q pos MP0.4330.28410.9030.00210.6830.0296
SAP pos MP vs C1q pos MP−0.0150.97250.4920.17860.2800.4339
IgM pos MP vs C1q pos MP0.7280.0408−0.1750.65270.1590.6611
IgG pos MP vs C1q pos MP0.9520.00030.4200.26060.5050.1364