Table 2

 Relationship between lipid items, indicators of disease activity and prednisone

VariableAtherogenic index Coefficient (SE)Total cholesterol (mmol/l) Coefficient (SE)HDL-cholesterol (mmol/l) Coefficient (SE)Apo B:Apo A1 Coefficient (SE)Apo B (g/l) Coefficient (SE)Apo A1 (g/l) Coefficient (SE)
CRP, C reactive protein; DAS28, Disease Activity Index 28-Joint Score; HDL, high-density lipoprotein.
Values are given as regression coefficients (SE), and standard errors estimated by general estimation equation analyses for each lipid item as a continuous outcome variable. All analyses were adjusted for age and gender.
Indicators of disease activity
1-point decrease/difference of DAS28–0.016 (0.008)*0.016 (0.005)*0.045 (0.013)*–0.013 (0.005)*0.004 (0.004)0.036 (0.009)*
10-points decrease/difference of CRP–0.026 (0.001)*0.024 (0.001)*0.067 (0.001)*–0.014 (0.001)*0.009 (0.001)0.045 (0.001)*
Reduction/difference of 1 mg prednisone0.009 (0.004)*–0.004 (0.002)*–0.016 (0.006)*0.005 (0.002)*0.001 (0.002)–0.009 (0.004)*