Table 1

 Intra-reader agreement of tenosynovitis scores (two-way mixed effect model, single measure ICCs, SDDs and MDC. Values are medians and ranges)

MeasureBaseline1-year follow-upChange score
ICC, intraclass correlation coefficients; SDD, smallest detectable difference; MDC (%), minimal detectable change, defined as the SDD expressed as a percentage of the maximum score.
Intra-reader ICC0.84 (0.57–0.95)0.88 (0.73–0.93)0.74 (0.62–0.85)
SDD3.44 (2.48–5.86)3.37 (2.52–4.41)4.00 (1.86–5.15)
MDC (%)11.5 (8.26–19.5)11.2 (8.41–14.7)13.3 (6.2–17.2)