Table 4

 BASDAI, BASMI, and BASFI as a function of the fulfilment of the ASAS criteria and the decision to start anti-TNF treatment

No fulfilment of ASAS criteria2 BASDAI <4 or no NSAID failingFulfilment of ASAS criteria2 BASDAI ⩾4 and failing NSAID
Without anti-TNF at query (ccn = 131)With anti-TNF at query (ccn = 34)p ValueWithout anti-TNF at query (ccn = 160)With anti-TNF at query (ccn = 187)p Value
ASAS, ankylosing spondylitis study group; SEM, standard error of mean; ccn, number of complete cases; BASDAI, Bath ankylosing spondylitis disease activity index; BASFI, Bath ankylosing spondylitis functional index; BASMI, Bath ankylosing spondylitis metrology index; anti-TNF, anti-tumour necrosis factor alfa therapy