Table 1

 Clinical and serological characteristics of the 56 SSc patients

SSc Patients
ACE, angiotensin-converting enzyme; PAH, pulmonary arterial hypertension; RS, restrictive syndrome; SSc, systemic sclerosis.
Plus-minus values are Means ± SEM.
No difference was observed between these groups of patients by one-way ANOVA and multivariate analysis in terms of age, duration of disease or duration of Raynaud’s phenomenon.
Age, years53±15.9
Duration of SSc, years8±7.4
Duration of Raynaud syndrome, years14±14
Female sex, n (%)47 (83.9)
Diffuse SSc, n (%)39 (69.6)
RS, n (%)11 (19.6)
Digital ischaemia, n (%)12 (21)
Renal crisis, n (%)6 (10.7)
Total PAH, n (%)14 (25)
PAH associated with RS, n (%)8 (14.3)
PAH not associated with RS, n (%)6 (10.7)
Specific autoantibodies, n (%)15 (26.8)
Anti-centromere antibodies, n (%)8 (14.3)
Anti-DNA topoisomerase I antibodies, n (%)7 (12.5)
Immunosuppressant at the time of serum collection collection, n (%)7 (12.5)
ACE inhibitors at the time of serum collection, n (%)7 (12.5)