Table 1

 Patients characteristics, disease characteristics and disease activity variables; at start of study/after 3 months

A Patients switched from twice weekly usual dose to once weekly double dose etanercept
PatientnoSexAge(years)Disease duration(years)SubtypeEtanercept use (years)Co-medication at study startCo-medication after 3 monthsVAS physicianCHAQ (0–3)VAS painVAS well-beingNo of active jointsNo of limited jointsESR(mm/h)
3Female15.19.6sJIA4.715 mg MTX/week, NSAID15 mg MTX/week, dose NSAID lowered0/00.1/0.1253/22/50/05/52/8
4Male18.29.9pJIA RF+0.45 mg MTX/weekMTX stopped0/00/00/20/10/03/23/10
5Female13.53.4pJIA RF−0.80/00.3/0.30/00/00/02/15/3
6Female14.58.4pJIA RF−1.47.5 mg MTX/week, NSAID7.5 mg MTX/week, NSAID3/90.25/0.31/60/40/012/123/12
7Female12.92.9pJIA RF−1.30/00/00/02/10/04/017/12
8Female11.93.5pJIA RF−0.60/00/00/120/00/02/19/20
9Male17.08.0oJIA ext2.10/00/0.253/02/30/06/71/2
10Male10.64.9oJIA ext1.30/00.8/0.125671/4838/410/01/03/5
11Female8.52.0PsJIA0.95 mg MTX/week5 mg MTX/week0/00.1/0.40/0.70/00/00/02/5
B Patients in whom etanercept therapy was initiated in once weekly double dose
Patient noSexAge(years)Disease duration(years)SubtypeCo-medication at study startCo-medication after 3 monthsVAS physicianCHAQ(0–3)VAS painVAS well-beingNo ofactive jointsNo of limited jointsESR(mm/h)
CHAQ, Children’s Health Assessment Questionnaire; MTX, methotrexate; NSAID, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug; oJIA ext, oligoarticular extended JIA; pJIA RF+, polyarticular rheumatoid factor positive JIA; pJIA RF−, polyarticular rheumatoid factor negative JIA; PsJIA, juvenile arthritis psoriatica; RF, rheumatoid factor; sJIA, systemic JIA; VAS, visual analogue scale (1–100 mm).
12Female17.35.0pJIA RF+25 mg MTX/week, NSAIDMTX stop, NSAID58/162.5/1.5100/1361/135/1114/1438/34
Improvement 72.4% 40.0% 87.0% 98.4% 68.6% 0% 10.5%
13Female14.31.4pJIA RF+25 mg MTX/week, prednisone, NSAID15 mg MTX/week, prednisone, dose NSAID lowered83/02.4/081/098/023/05/54/2
Improvement 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 0% 50%