Table 1

 Baseline demographic and disease variables in the two treatment groups

Methotrexate (n = 384)Anti-TNF (n = 147)p-Value
Values are presented as mean (standard deviation of the mean) for continuous variables and as % for categorical variables. DMARDs, disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs.
Age48.9 (13.2)46.0 (11.1)0.01
Disease duration, years5.8 (7.2)11.6 (9.3)<0.001
No. of previous DMARDs0.5 (0.8)2.6 (1.7)<0.001
Erosive disease27.856.3<0.001
Rheumatoid factor positive5.96.40.83
Investigator’s global assessment35.0 (15.2)44.8 (19.6)<0.001