Table 1

 Characteristics of the patients treated with intra-articular corticosteroids (IAC) or infliximab

Treatment groups
–, value not determined.
Age, median (range), years51.2 (21–83)50.5 (25.0–74.0)
Disease duration, median (range), years7.5 (0.3–23)10.8 (0.6–30.0)
S100A12 serum levels before therapy, ng/ml (±SEM)585 (±170)430 (±65)
S100A12 serum levels after therapy, ng/ml (±SEM)490 (±160)290 (±55)
CRP before therapy, mg/dl (±SEM)3.2 (±0.9)
CRP after therapy, mg/dl (±SEM)1.0 (±0.3)
ESR before therapy, mm/h (±SEM)23 (±4)
ESR after therapy, mm/h (±SEM)11 (±2)
Number of patients with concomitant therapy:
MTX (>7.5 mg/week)7/1926/34
Systemic corticosteroids4/1914/34