Table 1

 Characteristics of patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis with and without uveitis

UveitisWithout uveitisp Value
ANA-Ab, antinuclear antibody; BA, biological agents; HLA-B27, human leucocyte antigen B27; JIA, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, NS, non-significant.
n (%)47 (44)61 (56)
Gender, male/female (%)8/39 (17/83)17/44 (28/72)NS
Type of JIA, n (%):
    Oligoarthritis3 (6.4)0NS
    Extended oligoarthritis11 (23.4)11 (18)NS
    Seronegative polyarthritis29 (61.7)38 (62.3)NS
    Seropositive polyarthritis05 (8.2)NS
    Systemic arthritis1 (2.1)5 (8.2)NS
    Enthesitis-related arthritis3 (6.4)1 (1.6)NS
    Psoriatic arthritis01 (1.6)NS
ANA-Ab positive, n (%)30 (63)18 (29)<0.001
HLA-B27 positive, n (%)15 (33)23 (37)NS
Mean (range) age of onset of JIA, years2.8 (0.8–9)4.8 (0.9–13.3)<0.001
Mean (range) age at initiation of BA, years9.8 (3.3–15.8)10.3 (3–15.9)NS
Mean (range) duration of JIA, years7 (1.1–13.7)5.5 (0.3–11.6)0.028