Table 3

 Pathways which are overexpressed in all patients, and in the subgroups of IFNhigh and IFNlow patients, all compared with healthy controls, analysed by gene set enrichment analysis

PathwayNo. of genesAll patientsIFNhighIFNlow
p Valuep Valuep Value
IFN, interferon; NS, nonsignificant.
Pathways are shown with a p value <0.05, and a false discovery rate value <0.25.
Type I IFN-induced genes22830.004<0.001NS
Cytokine–cytokine receptor interaction1290.0060.005NS
Neuroactive ligand–receptor interaction900.009NS<0.001
Jak-STAT signalling pathway860.0160.008NS
Complement and coagulation cascades440.0250.009NS
Fatty acid metabolism410.0270.015NS