Table 2

 Ontology analysis of the genes that were expressed at significantly different levels between all 35 patients, or the subgroups consisting of 20 IFNhigh and 15 IFNlow patients, and healthy controls

All patientsIFNhighIFNlow
Biological processp Valuep Valuep Value
NS, nonsignificant.
Processes with a p value <0.05 were considered significant (with Bonferroni correction).
Immunity and defence1.61E−113.41E−15NS
Interferon-mediated immunity1.09E−063.38E−08NS
Macrophage-mediated immunity6.83E−051.27E−04NS
Lipid and fatty acid transport1.54E−04NSNS
Cytokine/chemokine-mediated immunity1.63E−032.61E−05NS
Ligand-mediated signalling3.52E−031.92E−02NS
Cell motilityNS4.24E−03NS
Blood clottingNS5.30E−03NS
Cell structure and motilityNS1.55E−02NS
Inhibition of apoptosisNS1.66E−02NS
Signal transductionNS3.21E−02NS