Table 3

 Role of disease assessment in systemic vasculitis

DefinitionDetailsAimAvailable tools
BVAS, Birmingham Vasculitis Activity Score; BVAS/WG, Birmingham Vasculitis Activity Score for Wegener’s granulomatosis; DEI, Disease Extent Index; SF-36, Short Form 36; VDI, Vasculitis Damage Index.
Disease activityClinical evaluationAssist treatment decisionsBVAS BVAS/WG BVAS 2003
Disease extentNumber of involved organ systemsDisease stageDEI
Prognostic toolFactors predicting outcomeAppropriate treatment based on prognosisBVAS Five Factor Score
Outcome assessmentLongitudinal studies on patients with systemic vasculitisMeasure morbidity and mortalityBVAS VDI SF-36
Quality of lifePatient self-assessmentTo measure effect of disease and treatment on physical and psychological functionSF-36
DamageIrreversible damage due to disease activity, drug toxicity or other eventsOutcome measureVDI
Socioeconomic costsHigh socioeconomic costs due to disability, hospitalisation and treatmentEvidence-based approach to funding decisionsNone at present