Table 7

 Radiographic comparisons of women with men from prior ankylosing spondylitis studies in the literature*

Cervical spineThoracic and lumbar spinePeripheral jointsHip/shoulderBASRINumber of menNumber of women
*The results are given in terms of the involvement of the listed area in women as compared with men. See the text for further detailed descriptions of the studies.
Will et al, 19902SameLessSame1202498
Calin et al, 199918LessLessSameLess35472
Doran et al, 200314Less25457
Tyson et al, 19532060
Hart et al, 195921SameLess30
Levitin et al, 197523Less9
Resnick et al, 197624MoreLessSame8018
Spencer et al, 197925LessMore16436
Braunstein et al, 198226LessLessSameSame3132
Gran et al, 198428Less8250
Kidd et al, 198830Less7035
Jimenez-Balderas et al, 199331Less4141
Eustace et al, 199332SameSame6419