Table 1

 Clinical features are compared between men and women with ankylosing spondylitis from the Prospective Study of Outcomes in Ankylosing Spondylitis cohort

Men (n = 302)Women (n = 100)p Value
*1–3 light to heavy.
AS, ankylosing spondylitis; HLA, human leucocyte antigen.
Age, years55.5 (10.6)53.0 (11)0.04
Mean (SD) age at onset, years23.6 (7.9)21.5 (7.3)0.03
Mean (SD) duration of AS, years32.0 (9.9)31.5 (10.1)0.67
Family history24.6%41.0%0.002
Smoking status
Mean (SD) education level, years16.0 (3.1)15.9 (2.7)0.70
Weighted occupational physical activity*1.8 (0.7)1.9 (0.7)0.61
    Asian/Pacific Islander1.7%3.0%
    Native American1.3%0%