Table 2

 Estimated hazard ratio and p values for simple and multiple stratified Cox regression analyses

HR95% CIp ValueHR95% CIp Value
AMI, acute myocardial infarction; ICU, intensive care unit.
Case fatality after the first AMI during the study period was the response variable in all analyses.
*Adjusted for the other variables in the model.
†Treatment during hospitalisation and/or at discharge.
Antihypertensive treatment1.8/+1.1 to 3.1<0.05
Diabetes mellitus0.95/+NS
Previous AMI1.881.05 to 3.30<0.05
ICU3.05/–1.76 to 5.31<0.0012.94/−1.62 to 5.35<0.001*
Duration of hospitalisation0.93/day0.88 to 0.98<0.010.95/day0.91 to 0.99<0.05*
β antagonists†5.03/–3.10 to 8.15<0.0013.45/–1.88 to 6.32<0.001*
Anti-platelet drugs†3.83/–2.34 to 6.25<0.0012.78/–1.53 to 5.05<0.001*