Table 6 Research agenda developed throughout 2 Delphi rounds
1What is the perception of patients, general physicians and rheumatologists on efficacy, safety and management of glucocorticoid therapy in rheumatic diseases? (exploring perceptions and environmental factors as barriers for the effective and safe use of glucocorticoids).
2What is the influence of low-dose glucocorticoid therapy on lipid profile and other cardiovascular risk factors in relation to active inflammation?
3What is the pathophysiology of the skin side effects due to the use of glucocorticoids, and how can these be prevented?
4What is the ideal timing of glucocorticoid treatment regarding safety as well as efficacy?
5Regarding the use of glucocorticoids in early RA: is a continuous low dose as effective as a step-down dose (starting high and then tapering)?
6Can we define biomarkers (including genetics) that predict glucocorticoid toxicity?
7What is the best strategy for prediction, detection and prevention of glucocorticoid-associated cataract and glaucoma?
8The mechanisms behind individual responsiveness and glucocorticoid resistance should be investigated and the clinical implications clarified.
9Do glucocorticoids also inhibit radiographic progression in patients with longstanding rheumatoid arthritis?
10What is the pathophysiological mechanism of steroid myopathy, and can we prevent this; is there a role for specific exercises?
11Which genomic and non-genomic mechanisms of glucocorticoid actions are responsible for wanted and adverse effects, respectively?