Table 5 The efficacy as the overestimated percentage of patients with an ACR20 response to anti-TNF in the active drug group (Active) and the DREAM patients, eligible and ineligible for the RCTs
StudyActiveEligible DREAM patientsIneligible DREAM patients
nACR20Δp Value*nACR20Δp Value*
Adalimumab + MTX
Weinblatt, 20031667,211567.80.60.53323831.6†−35.60.0002
Furst, 20031852,812367,514.70.99713023.3†−29.50.0011
Keystone, 20041763,35168.65.30.760510253.9−9.40.0562
Adalimumab mono
Van de Putte, 20031957950.0−7.00.35271735.3−21.70.0540
Van de Putte, 20042046822.2−23.80.08332231.8−14.20.1096
Etanercept + MTX
Weinblatt, 1999107110954.1−16.90.01643732.4−38.60.0001
Lan, 200411908055.0−35.00.00047135.2−54.80.0000
Etanercept mono
Moreland, 19974751441.2−33.80.00642537.5−35.00.0020
Moreland, 199912591735.7−23.30.05312440.0−21.50.0323
Keystone, 200413633447.1−15.90.0434812.5−50.50.0022
Infliximab + MTX‡
ATTRACT, 99-0415502339.1−10.90.17633636.1−13.90.0799
  • DREAM, Dutch Rheumatoid Arthritis Monitoring; MTX, methotrexate; RCT, randomised controlled trial.

  • *Bonferroni correction resulted in a p value <0.0045 (0.05/11) being considered significant compared with the active drug group.

  • †Significant (p value <0.0045 (0.05/11)) difference between response percentages of eligible and ineligible patients.

  • ‡Maini et al14 presented only Paulus criteria in their articles.