Table 3 The efficacy as the percentage of patients with an ACR20 response of anti-TNF in the active drug group (Active) and daily clinical practice (DREAM)
StudyActiveFollow-up time (weeks)OverestimationUnderestimation
Adalimumab + MTX
Weinblatt, 20031667.22454.9−12.30.0441141.8−25.40.00026
Furst, 20031852.82454.92.10.6632641.8−110.01383
Keystone, 20041763.32454.9−8.40.0540941.8−21.50.00003
Adalimumab mono
Van de Putte, 200319571229.0−28.00.0047022.6−34.40.00069
Van de Putte, 200420462440.0−6.00.2926132.0−14.00.10066
Etanercept + MTX
Weinblatt, 199910712444.5−26.50.0002931.5−39.50.00000
Lan, 200411901245.7−44.30.0000134.4−55.60.00000
Etanercept mono
Moreland, 19974751240.5−34.50.0005923.8−51.20.00000
Moreland, 199912592431.6−27.40.0028026.3−32.70.00047
Keystone, 200413631640.5−22.50.0044223.8−39.20.00000
Infliximab + MTX*
ATTRACT, 99-0415503032.2−17.80.0166527.1−22.90.00291
  • DREAM, Dutch Rheumatoid Arthritis Monitoring; MTX, methotrexate; RCT, randomised controlled trial; RF, rheumatoid factor.

  • Bonferroni correction resulted in a p value <0.0045 (0.05/11) being considered significant. *Maini et al14 presented only Paulus criteria in their articles.