Table 3

 Results in rheumatoid factor-negative and rheumatoid factor-positive patients

PatientsRituximab/placebo (n)ACR20 on rituximab (%)ACR20 on placebo (%)p ValueReference
ACR, American College of Rheumatology; neg, negative; NR, not reported; pos, positive; RF, rheumatoid factor.
*Numbers reported for the safety population; it is not clear whether identical patients were assessed for efficacy (ie, the ACR responses indicated), but the numbers or proportions should be similar and the %ACR responses are as reported.
†Patients on 2×1000 mg rituximab only.
Total studied308/209*
RF pos (%)79/79*5419<0.001Cohen et al12
RF neg (%)21/21*4112<0.001
RF pos128†/1285428<0.03Emery et al13
RF neg63†/214852NR