Table 1

‚ÄÉCategories of health outcomes

CategoryDefinitionRepresentative componentsAnkylosing spondylitis core set measures
ImpairmentAlteration of normal body structure or functionSigns on physical examination, laboratory tests, radiographsModified Schober test, chest expansion, occiput to wall distance, swollen joint count, enthesitis index, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, spinal radiographs
Health statusSymptom severity and degree of functional limitationPain, mood, physical function, work abilityPatient reported spinal pain, stiffness, fatigue, function scale, patient global assessment
Quality of lifeSubjective appraisal of health statusSatisfaction with level of symptoms and functioning
CostsMonetary costs of obtaining care and costs of lost work productivityCosts of medications, costs of visits to care providers, costs of hospitalisations, costs of work loss