Table 1

 Criteria for cardiovascular events in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

CT, computed tomography; ECG, electrocardiogram; MI, myocardial infarction; PVD, peripheral vascular disease.
1. MIDefinite MI based on history, ECG and cardiac enzymes21,22
2. Angina pectorisHistory of typical chest pain with compatible ECG or myocardial scintigraphy, stress ECG or stress echocardiogram
3. Haemorrhagic strokeClinical diagnosis verified by CT or autopsy
4. Non-haemorrhagic or non-specified stroke(A) Clinical diagnosis by a neurologist or (B) clinical diagnosis verified by CT or autopsy
5. Transient ischaemic attackClinical diagnosis
6. Amaurosis fugaxClinical diagnosis
7. Aortic aneurysm(A) Diameter increased >50% compared with normal or
(B) diameter >3.0 cm in abdominal aorta21
Verified by ultrasound/CT or at autopsy
8. Renal artery stenosisVerified by ultrasound/renal scintigraphy/angiography
9. PVD or atherosclerosis obliterans(A) Clinical diagnosis (supported by documented
vascular physical examination) and
(B) ankle/brachial index <0.9 or angiography confirming PVD if performed
10. Arterial thromboembolismClinical diagnosis supported by angiography or autopsy