Table 3 Results of CFP-10 thymidine incorporation among patients with certain latent tuberculosis infection independent of the tuberculin skin test (TST) result
PatientTST resultCFP-10 thymidine incorporation
Patient 1NegPos (3.0)
Patient 2NegPos (6.9)
Patient 3NegPos (6.2)
Patient 4NegPos (42.6)
Patient 5NegPos (35.7)
Patient 6PosPos (28.1)
Patient 7PosPos (90.1)
Patient 8PosPos (3.1)
Patient 9PosNeg (1.8)
Patient 10PosPos (15.4)
Patient 11PosNeg (1.3)
Patient 12PosPos (3.0)
Patient 13PosPos (8.1)
Total8/13 (61.5%)11/13 (84.6%)
  • TST is expressed as positive with a threshold of 10 mm. Results of each test for each subject are reported as Pos (positive) or Neg (negative) (exact value). Results for thymidine assay are expressed in the stimulation index (SI).