Table 2 Change in pain as a function of change in synovitis at individual sites*
Baseline synovitis and baseline VAS painChange of synovitis and change of VAS pain
Estimate95% CIp valueEstimate95% CIp value
Infrapatellar fat pad2.31−1.54,, 9.360.03
Intercondylar2.26−2.92, 7.450.395.740.34, 11.140.04
Suprapatellar−0.07−3.97, 3.820.973.35−0.34, 7.050.08
  • *Analyses adjusted for age, sex, BMI, cartilage score at baseline, effusion score (0–3), bone-marrow lesion score (WORMS), change in bone-marrow lesion score and change in effusion score.