Table 1 Characteristics of subjects
Total270 subjects
Gender158 (58.5%) males, 112 females
Age (mean)66.7 (9.2) years
BMI (mean)31.5 (5.7) kg/m2
Kellgren–Lawrence grade* (median, range)3 (0 to 4)
Baseline pain† (mean, SD) (0–100)44.2 (25.2) mm
Change in pain (mean, SD) from baseline to follow-up−1.9 (25.5) mm
Baseline synovitis score 0–9
    Baseline infrapatellar fat pad score, 0/1/2/3 (%)21.5/40.0/33.9/4.6
    Baseline intercondylar notch score, 0/1/2/3 (%)31.5/52.3/15.0/1.2
    Baseline suprapatellar notch score, 0/1/2/3 (%)24.5/41.2/22.2/12.1
Change in synovitis score
    Change in infrapatellar fat pad score, decrease/no change/increase (%)15.2/63.1/21.7
    Change in intercondylar notch score, decrease/no change/increase (%)14.3/66.8/18.9
    Change in suprapatellar notch score, decrease/no change/increase (%)20.4/59.2/20.4
Baseline cartilage score in 14 plates (mean, SD)16.1 (9.2)
Baseline summary bone-marrow lesion (mean, SD)3.2 (3.1)
Baseline effusion score (mean, SD)0.9 (0.8)
  • *Subjects with “Knee pain/OA”, who had Kellgren–Lawrence grade 0 due to normal PA views, were defined as having radiographic OA due to definite osteophytes in patello-femoral joint; †pain was measured on a 100-mm visual analogue scale.