Table 2

 Assessment of the intraobserver and interobserver variability for the evaluation of synovial histopathology

VariableIntraobserver variabilityInterobserver variability
Complete concordance⩽1 Step difference>1 Step differenceComplete concordance⩽1 Step difference>1 Step difference
Twenty nine synovial samples with a large variability in degree and type of synovial inflammation were blindly scored for 12 different histopathological features on a semiquantitative scale from 0 to 3. The concordance was calculated between two independent scores by the same observer and independent scores by two different observers.
Lining layer thickness90100612613
Lymphoid aggregates8812078211
Inflammatory infiltration7622230655
Plasma cells7617748448
Polymorphonuclear cells64342523513
CD3+ T lymphocytes6633132662
CD20+ B lymphocytes8115467285
CD38+ plasma cells869583125
CD1a+ dendritic cells8515067294
Intracellular citrullinated proteins100009550
mAb12A staining928073270
Mean of all markers8018260355