Table 2

 Published reports of HBV reactivation in patients with rheumatic disease treated with non-biological immunosuppressive drugs*

Patient NoReferenceDiagnosisAge/sexImmunosuppressive regimenTime to flareTreatment and outcome
* Baseline serology in each case was HBsAg+ HBeAg−; †indicates time between discontinuation or reduction of immunosuppressive therapy and hepatitis B flare.
RA, rheumatoid arthritis; PM, polymyositis; F, female; M, male; MTX, methotrexate; PSL, prednisone or prednisolone; Cyclo, cyclophosphamide; IVMP, intravenous methyprednisolone; IFN, interferon; GC, glucocorticoids; CsA, ciclosporin A; LAM, lamivudine.
131RA72/FMTX, 4 mg/week 2 years60 days†IFN, GC, CsA
PSL, 5 mg/dayDied
232RA75/FMTX, 7.5 mg/week15 days†Plasmapheresis, IFN
PSL, 5 mg/dayDied
334RA67/MMTX, 7.5 mg/week21 days†GC
PSL, 5 mg/dayDied
430RA57/FMTX, 7.5–10 mg/week41 days†Liver transplant
PSL, 5 mg/dayAlive
54RA58/FMTX, 15 mg/week2 years chronic treatmentLAM
PSL, 7.5 mg/dayAlive
633PM57/FPSL, 40 mg/day40 days chronic treatmentIFN, CsA
729Behçet’s disease43/MCyclo, IVMP2 years chronic treatment; 10 days†GC