Table 2

 Efficacy assessments of patients with RA in the ARMADA trial/open label extension who completed 4 years of continuous treatment with adalimumab

CriterionBaseline4 YearsAbsolute changePercentage change
Results are shown as mean (SD) of each individual patient result for each criterion. Values for absolute change and percentage change from baseline are based on actual data from patients available for analysis at 4 years (n = 147; 149 patients had TJC, SJC, and CRP data available). A negative absolute or percentage change indicates an improvement in the response criterion.
*p⩽0.001 paired t test (last result compared with baseline); †NA = values for individual patient results <8 mg/l, the lower limit of detection of the CRP test, were not available.
Tender joint count (0–68 joints)28.1 (13.8)8.3 (12.5)–19.7 (13.8)*–70.8*
Swollen joint count (0–66 joints)17.7 (8.6)5.4 (6.7)–12.3 (10.8)*–60.7*
HAQ (0–3 scale)1.5 (0.6)0.7 (0.7)–0.7 (0.6)*–52.1*
CRP (mg/l) (normal <8 mg/l)25 (23)7 (12)–18 (23)*NA†
DAS28 (remission <2.6)5.8 (0.9)3.0 (1.2)–2.7 (1.4)*–46.5*