Table 1

 Demographic and baseline disease characteristics of patients with RA who received adalimumab at any time during the blinded period or open label extension of the ARMADA study (n = 262)

Values are mean (SD) unless stated otherwise.
*The visual analogue scale (VAS) for pain ranges from 0 = no pain to 100 = severe pain; VAS for disease activity ranges from 0 = no disease activity to 100 = extreme disease activity; †the Health Assessment Questionnaire (HAQ) scale ranges from 0 = no difficulty to 3 = unable to perform activity; ‡DAS28 is based on a 28 joint assessment for pain or swelling using the CRP based formula (, accessed 9 December 2005).
Age (years)55 (11.8)27–83
Female (%)76
Disease duration (years)12.4 (9.5)0.33–56.9
Tender joint count (0–68 joints)28.4 (14.2)9–65
Swollen joint count (0–68 joints)17.2 (8.6)2–43
Patient’s global assessment of pain (0–100 mm VAS)*52.6 (23)0–99
Patient’s global assessment of disease activity, (0–100 mm VAS)*55.6 (23.5)0–99
Physician’s global assessment of disease activity (0–100 mm VAS)*58.6 (18.2)2–95
HAQ disability index, (0–3 scale)†1.55 (0.62)0.1–2.7
DAS28‡5.8 (1.0)2.9–8.1
C reactive protein (mg/l) (normal <8)26 (26)0.5–173
Rheumatoid factor (% positive)81.3
Number of previous DMARDs (mean)31–8