Table 1

 Patient characteristics at clinic entry

No of patients in the analysis655
Mean age at clinic entry (range)43.5 (15.5 to 87.5)
Mean age at onset of psoriasis (range)28.9 (0 to 84)
Mean age at onset of arthritis (range)35.9 (9 to 86)
Mean duration of arthritis (SEM)7.5 (2.9)
Mean duration of psoriasis (SEM)14.6 (3.5)
⩾40 years old at onset of psoriasis150 (22.9%)
⩾60 years old at onset of psoriatic arthritis34 (5.2%)
Family history of psoriasis264 (40.5%)
Family history of psoriatic arthritis65 (10%)
Actively inflamed joints
    No with no actively inflamed joints43 (6.6%)
    No with 1–5 actively inflamed joints181 (27.6%)
    No with ⩾5 actively inflamed joints431 (65.8%)
Deformed Joints
    No with no deformed joints402 (61.4%)
    No with 1–5 deformed joints138 (21.1%)
    No with ⩾5 deformed joints115 (17.5%)
Mean No of active joints (SEM)10.1 (3.1)
Mean No of deformed joints (SEM)3.2 (2.8)