Table 3

 Demographic characteristics, history and work status with regard to the willingness to treat with TNF-blocking drugs

Anti-TNF indicated by the treating rheumatologist
Candidate (n = 595)Non-candidate (n = 612)p Value
IBD, inflammatory bowel disease; TNF, tumour necrosis factor.
Sex (male, %)73.0%74.4%0.6
Age (mean (SD), years)43 (12)45 (15)0.08
History of IBD (yes, %)10.5%8.7%0.32
Hip involvement (yes, %)40.0%25.3%<0.001
Previous treatment: sulfasalazine (yes, %)63.5%36.5%<0.001
Previous treatment: methotrexate (yes, %)67.8%32.2%<0.001
Paid job (yes, %)63.7%61.9%0.54
Current sick leave (yes, %)29.1%16.6%0.001