Table 3

 Precision (RMS CV%) for repeated measurements of quantitative knee cartilage morphology for sagittal DESSwe and intersubject variation across the 19 volunteers

Abbreviations given in the footnotes to tables 1 and 2; precision error of sagittal DESSwe significantly different from that of cor FLASHwe at **p<0.01.
Precision (RMS CV%)
Medial tibia2.
Lateral tibia9.2**9.5**9.1**
Central medial femur6.
Central lateral femur3.
Posterior medial femur4.
Posterior lateral femur3.
Femoral trochlea4.
Intersubject variability (n = 19)
Medial tibia15.616.515.926.215.115.814.1
Lateral tibia20.820.119.528.310.510.811.8
Central medial femur13.418.818.732.225.225.617.8
Central lateral femur15.916.716.430.717.418.118.0
Posterior medial femur15.518.317.825.415.015.412.0
Posterior lateral femur19.518.820.528.411.811.011.8
Femoral trochlea19.622.922.028.418.419.914.2