Table 2

 Coefficients of variation (RMS CV%) for repeated measurements of quantitative knee cartilage morphology parameters for dual acquisitions of the coronal FLASHwe and coronal MPR

cAB, cartilage covered subchondral bone area; VCtAB, volume of cartilage normalised to subchondral bone area; ThCtAB, mean cartilage thickness over total subchondral bone area; for other abbreviations see the footnote to table 1. Precision error of corMPR DESSwe was significantly different from that of cor FLASHwe at *p<0.05; **p<0.01.
Coronal FLASHwe
Medial tibia2.
Lateral tibia3.
Central medial femur5.
Central lateral femur4.
Coronal MPR DESSwe
Medial tibia2.
Lateral tibia3.
Central medial femur2.8*2.9**3.1*
Central lateral femur2.2*2.2*2.4*