Table 1

 Distribution of answers (%) in current use of the internet

AnswerFrequency of answers*
*1, never; 2, seldom; 3, sometimes; 4, often; 5, very oftenoften.
1. Seek information about disease and drugs1513232720
2. Seek information about healthcare providers141937209
3. Seek information about hospitals1720302210
4. Seek information about waiting time342821106
5. Seek information about patient organisations2119321612
6. Put questions to my medical specialist511519124
7. Put questions to other healthcare providers60181453
8. Get assistance in physical exercise7314733
9. Get in contact with my specialist7713811
10. Get in contact with my specialised nurse799820
11. Chat with other patients69111064
12. Take part in discussion groups6781284
13. Get patient support6391477