Table 1

 Clinical characteristics of four liver transplant recipients with rapid and multifocal chondrolysis

CharacteristicsCase 1Case 2Case 3Case 4
*Age at time of transplantation.
AZA, azathioprine; CyA, ciclosporin A; P, prednisone; R, right; L, left; GH, glenohumeral joint.
Liver diseasePrimary biliary cirrhosisHepatitis B related cirrhosisAutoimmune cirrhosisPrimary sclerosing cholangitis
Immunosuppressive drugsAZA, CyA, PAZA, CyA, PAZA, CyA, PAZA, CyA, P
Time since liver transplant at joint symptom onset (years)26212
Steroid dose at joint symptom onset (mg/day)13872
Joints affected and time to complete chondrolysisR hip/18 moL hip/16 moRL hips/14 moL knee/14 mo
L hip/14 moR hip/18 moRL knees/20 moRL ankles
RL knees/20 moR GHRL GHR hip/12 mo