Table 3

 The two top ranking choices, expressed as percentages, of the first disease modifying antirheumatic drug selected by the 36 members of the expert panel for very early rheumatoid arthritis

DAS 28No structural damageWith structural damage
RF negativeRF positiveRF negativeRF positive
DAS 28, 28 joint disease activity score; ETA, etanercept; HCL, hydroxychloroquine; LEF, leflunomide; MTX, methotrexate; RF, rheumatoid factor; SZP, sulfasalazine.
Low, ⩽3.2HCL: 27.0SZP: 24.4MTX: 29.1MTX: 30.2
SZP: 25.2MTX: 22.0LEF: 23LEF: 23.7
Moderate, >3.2 to ⩽5.1SZP: 25.7MTX: 29.3MTX: 29.6MTX: 30.2
MTX: 23.5SZP: 22.8LEF: 24.3LEF: 24.6
High, >5.1MTX: 25.7MTX: 29.3MTX: 29.6MTX: 30.2
LEF: 23.5LEF: 22.8LEF: 24.3ETA: 24.6