Table 1

 Score of transforming growth factor-β3 and SMAD-2P expression

Medial femurLateral femurMedial tibiaLateral tibiaOsteophyte
OA, osteoarthritis; TGF, transforming growth factor.
Score of TGFβ3 (T-β3) and SMAD-2P (S-2P) expression in several cartilage surfaces, cruciate ligaments and osteophytes in both a spontaneous and an instability OA model: −, negative; +/−, weakly positive; +, positive; ++, >50% of the cells immunopositive; +++, almost every cell immunopositive and high staining intensity.
Instability OA
Day 1+++++++++++++
Day 3++/−++++/−++++++
Day 7+/−+/−+/−+/−+/−+/−+/−++++++
Day 14+/−+/−+/−+/−++++++
Spontaneous OA
8 weeks+/−++++++++++++
6 months++/−+
1 year+/−++/−+