Table 5

 Psoriatic arthritis criteria of Fournié et al34

Cut-off for diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis  =  11 points
Criterion Points
Psoriasis antedating or concomitant with joint symptom onset6
Family history of psoriasis (if criterion 1 negative) or psoriasis post dating joint symptom onset3
Arthritis of a distal interphalangeal joint3
Asymmetrical monarthritis or oligoarthritis1
Buttock pain, heel pain, spontaneous anterior chest wall pain, or diffuse inflammatory pain in the entheses2
Radiological criterion5 (any one
    Erosion of distal interphalangeal jointcriterion present)
    Juxta-articular periostitis
    Phalangeal tuft resorption
Human leucocyte antigen (HLA)-B16 (38, 39) or B176
Negative rheumatoid factor4