Table 1

 Instruments used in assessing quality of life in psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis

Medical Outcomes Study 36 Item Short Form 3640SF-3636 items; eight scales for physical and mental health; used to compare quality of life of skin disease with other disease
Nottingham Health Profile40NHP38 items; six scales ranging from physical mobility to socialisation
Sickness Impact Profile41SIP136 items; 12 scales for physical and mental health, as well as sleep, eating, work, recreation, etc
12 Item General Health Questionnaire42GHQ12 item questionnaire with higher correlation to PASI than others
Dermatology Life Quality Index43DLQIWidely used; 12 reports, >2500 patients, of use in psoriasis; is internally consistent, correlates with other quality of life tools—for example PSORIQoL, PQoLI, PDI, etc
Psoriasis Disability Index44PDI15 questions for functional disability in psoriasis
Skindex-2942Skindex-2929 items and scales derived from Skindex-61
Impact of Psoriasis Questionnaire42IPSQAssesses psychosocial impact of psoriasis
Psoriasis Life Stress Inventory42PLSIStress inventory that correlates with DLQI and IPSQ
Dermatology Specific Quality of Life Instrument40DSQLI52 items, eight global items (physical symptoms to appearance and severity); seven scales
Dermatology Quality of Life Scales40DQLS41 items with three scales
Psoriatic Arthritis Specific Measure of Quality of Life45PsAQoLSeries of questions generated from interviews with subjects with psoriatic arthritis, narrowed from 51 to 20 with Rasch Analysis; validated and reliable
Psoriasis Specific Measure of Quality of Life46PSORIQoLSeries of questions generated from interviews with psoriatic subjects, narrowed from 61 to 25 using Rasch Analysis of each round of questioning
Psoriasis Quality of Life Questionnaire46PQoLFashioned after DQLI with specificity for psoriasis
Dermatology Utilities47DUQuality of life instruments assess health status, DU are derived from decision theory and can be interpreted across diseases and populations