Table 2

 Predictors of change in pain intensity at three months (R2 = 0.46) and 12 months (R2 = 0.47): results of the multiple linear regression analyses

3 Months (n = 157)12 Months (n = 151)
nb*95% CIp Valuenb*95% CIp Value
*b positive: favourable change in pain intensity since baseline per unit of the independent predictor; b negative: unfavourable change in pain intensity since baseline per unit of the independent predictor.
†Higher score means less social support.
b, regression coefficient; CI, confidence interval.
Demographic factors
Female (v male)107−0.94(−1.57 to −0.31)0.00
older age (per year)157−0.03(−0.06 to −0.01)0.01
Baseline score
More severe pain (per point increase)1570.56(0.42 to 0.71)0.001510.62(0.45 to 0.79)0.00
Characteristics of complaint
Duration of current episode:
    <1 week80.0070.00
    1 week to 1 month44−1.45(−2.92 to 0.02)0.0542−1.63(−3.35 to 0.09)0.06
    1 month to 6 months66−1.76(−3.21 to −0.30)0.0264−1.63(−3.32 to 0.05)0.06
    >6 months36−2.19(−3.70 to −0.68)0.0036−2.36(−4.14 to −0.59)0.01
History of complaints (v no history)83−1.50(−2.27 to −0.74)0.00
Complaint at dominant side (v other side)860.82(0.22 to 1.41)0.01
Tendency to massage hands (v no tendency)66−0.88(−1.55 to −0.21)0.01
No musculoskeletal comorbidity (v comorbidity)630.55(−0.09 to 1.19)0.09
Multiple musculoskeletal complaints (v “no”)24−0.98(−1.83 to −0.12)0.0325−1.23(−2.14 to −0.31)0.01
Psychosocial factors
Coping: more retreating (per point increase)155−0.09(−0.17 to −0.01)0.03150−0.10(−0.20 to −0.01)0.04
Coping: more worrying (per point increase)150−0.10(−0.18 to −0.02)0.01
More fear voidance (per point increase)1560.02(0.00 to 0.04)0.05
Social support†
    medium69−0.70(−1.37 to −0.02)0.04
    high35−1.09(−1.92 to −0.27)0.01