Table 1

 Summary of domains selected by the Delphi exercise (median score)

Record keepingRehabilitationDC-ARTSMARD
DC-ART, disease controlling antirheumatic therapy; QOL, quality of life; ROM, range of motion; SMARD, symptom modifying antirheumatic drug.
Higher scoring domainsPain, patient global, active joint count (10)Pain, patient global, physical function, QOL, work limitations,work incapacity (10–15)Active joint count, radiological damage, patient global, pain, physical function, acute phase reactant, QOL (7–12)Pain, patient global, physical function, QOL, active joint count (10–18)
Lower scoring domainsRadiological damage, physical function, QOL, morning stiffness, physician global, skin, acute phase reactant, damaged joint count, enthesitis, dactylitis, lumbar ROM(4–5)Observed physical performance, active joint count, lumbar ROM(5–7)Skin, physician global, enthesitis,damaged joint count, dactylitis (5)Morning stiffness, physician global, enthesitis, dactylitis, fatigue (4–5)